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2010 EPF Scholarship
The Erin Peterson Scholarship Fund has given away $35,000 in scholarships and grants to date.
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Allison Baker, University of Cincinnati, $2,000

Allison BakerDear Scholarship Committee:

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have won the 2009 Erin Peterson Scholarship! It is truly a blessing to receive funding to put towards my college education. This assistance will enable me to complete my studies in dietetics, preparing me to help the community achieve health through proper nutrition. I feel extremely lucky to have been affected by Erin Peterson's wonderful legacy and I will try to remember each day her motto that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Again, I express the sincerest thanks.  

With gratitude,
Allison Baker


2009 EPF Scholarship

Greg Callas, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, $1,000
Dido Subayi, OldDominion University, $1,000
Stephanie Crouterfield, Saginaw Valley University, $2,000
Kelsey Hanger, Appalacian State University, $2,000
Moriah Nelson, Loyola University Chicago, $2,000
Andrew Frank, James Madison University, $1,500
Prakriti Panday, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, $500
Leadership for Tomorrow Grant, $6,000

Kelsey HangerDear Ms. Peterson,
I am so happy to have received a scholarship from such a meaningful cause.  This scholarship money will enable me to continue running and studying at Appalachian State where I can pursue my dreams of becoming a physical therapist and running for a Division I college.  I am so grateful for this blessing and I promise that this scholarship will be put to good use!
Once again, thank you so much for this wonderful blessing.

Kelsey Hanger


Ms. Peterson,
I hope that all is going well for you and your family :) Thank you again for helping me to achieve my dreams in life. You and your daughter's story will forever be in my heart. I cannot thank you enough. God bless you and your family too!
Stephanie Crouterfield

Thank you Ms. Peterson,
Thank you again for selecting me. I only knew Erin because I saw her around in the hallways but she was one of the nicest seniors I met my freshmen year. Thank you again for selecting me, this award will help me out a lot. Have a good day and God bless.
-Dido Subayi

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Peterson,
We want to thank you personally for awarding our son the scholarship you have started in memory of Erin. 
I am a Virginia Tech graduate myself and watched in horror as the events of that day unfolded.  As a mother, I cannot even imagine the pain you live with every day.  Your presentation at the awards assembly was moving and we are so honored that our son will be able to continue his education with Erin in the forefront of his thoughts. 
Gregory is heading off to Virginia Tech in the fall.  He will not let you down and serve as a good example to his peers and ultimately to you.
Thank you,
Jaci and Alex Callas

2008 EPF Scholarship

Carly Stephens, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, $1,000 (Renewed 2009)
Eman Bani, University of Virginia, $1,000 (Renewed 2009)
Leadership for Tomorrow Grant, $6,000

2007 EPF Scholarship

Danielle Girard, James Madison University, $1,000 (Renewed 2008 & 2009)
LaQuinta Garrett, Ferrum University, $1,000
Leadership for Tomorrow Grant, $6,000